Business Intelligence

Our data focus starts with the individual through training and empowerment and spreads to Enterprise Data & Analytics, Business Intelligence. We use industry-standard tools and, where necessary, industry challenger tools to answer questions and solve problems. With our Business Intelligence solutions, your company will be able to make informed business decisions.

We follow a consistent process: Understand > Data > Model > Visualise

Through conversation with you, we will define what the issues and opportunities are. We have the skills to translate your understanding of your business systems and data into a roadmap.

We are fascinated by data! Different types of data, large volumes of data, data that moves quickly and data that is hard to get to, data that needs to be cleaned, data that is old, data that is changing, data that is sensitive. We have worked with the different systems and requirements, merging and integrating data, real-time or periodically. Our data engineers will get your data warehouse ready.

Data modelling is the exciting part of data discovery, where the data tells a story. Here is where we define the facts, statistics, measures, trends, observations, and KPIs and consider how data will change over time.

Data visualisation is increasingly a natural part of how everyone engages with the world. We take all data, in all forms and give insights tailored to each user’s need, with governance and security built-in. How many deliveries today? How much stock to order for next month? What is the price of this? How is my business doing compared to last year? We want to answer any and every kind of question.

The Tools and Platforms we choose to use

On Premise to Cloud we choose and use Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server offers a free Express version for small business and Enterprise for Big Business. Here at GenPoint, we are comfortable and experienced with all versions and supporting Microsoft technologies.

We use the full suite of data discovery products, platforms and services that Microsoft offers

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

SQL Server Integration Services is an enterprise-level data integration and transformation platform. Move any data type from any source, as well as update, clean, copy, migrate and notify.

Master Data Services (MDS)

Use this tool to manage the master set of your organisation’s data. Organise your data into models, create rules for updating data, and control who updates data.

Data Quality Services (DQS)

This data quality product enables users to build a knowledge base which can be used to perform a variety of critical data quality tasks. These tasks include correction, enrichment, standardisation, and de-duplication of data. With Data Quality Services, you can use cloud-based data reference services to cleanse data, such as automatically validating an address against an external provider.


Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular data analysis tools. Excel helps you to visualise your data and gain valuable insights. We also use the Excel Power BI add-in with great success. It allows users to publish their own data reports and measures.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

With SQL Server Reporting Services, customers can create, publish, and manage reports on their own premises and then deliver them to a web browser, mobile device, or as an email in their inbox.

SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)

Use SQL Server Data Tools to develop databases, build projects, debug, and maintain data related solutions.

Power BI

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools. Connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and produce beautiful reports.


Use Flow to automate workflows between your favourite apps and services to get notifications, synchronise files and collect data.

Power Apps

This tool helps you easily build the business apps you need, as well as extend or customise the apps you already use.

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

This analytical data engine is used in decision support and business analytics.

Azure Machine Learning

Advanced analytics, using familiar technologies. Microsoft Azure Cloud Services opens the door to data science for BI Developers and Data Engineers.
Building datasets is where we start and is the platform for our predictive analytics solutions. The Azure Machine Learning service is designed for applied machine learning, pre-loaded with best-in-class algorithms, making advanced insights accessible to everyone.

Azure Analysis Services

The cloud is the future and we embrace all things Azure. For new Analytics projects, we recommend the cloud – a secure managed platform with incredible performance.
Azure Analysis Servers have all the great features of Analysis Services on premise, with the added benefits of being easy to scale for any consumption requirement.
Azure Analysis Services is the answer for securely sharing

Azure Data Warehouse and Database

Have you grown to love and depend on Azure databases for BI Solutions? Azure Data Warehouse reaches even higher in terms of adapting to your workload and storage needs. You can pause and resume your data warehouse within minutes through a massively parallel processing architecture designed for the cloud.
When done right, moving your data into Azure Data Warehouse and or Azure Database will reduce costs and improve performance.