Mega Menu

The ultimate navigation tool 

The Mega Menu drop-down navigation interface is triggered by a cursor moving over a button. Appearing as a mega-panel, the interface generally displays all the category pages and sub-pages available for clicking and viewing on a specific website. The Mega Menu, therefore, improves user experience by making it easier for them to find what they are looking for. A Mega Menu can also take the form of a ‘deep footer’ – a footer containing excessive navigation links, though these typically do not perform a drop-down function.

Our product

Our easy-to-use Mega Menu is a global navigation add-in for SharePoint online, allowing you to make quick changes to your site menu from one central location. Our Mega Menu integrates seamlessly with your branding and is completely responsive, adapting to the screen size of your device.

Benefits of Mega Menu Navigation:

Theme options – Make the menu suit your brand.

Multiple layout options.

Icons using font awesome – hundreds of icons to choose from.

Menu options driven from a simple SharePoint list.

Same menu across all site collections and only one source of menu links to keep it all up to date.

Its quick to deploy and manage.

Change menu options in one location, unlike the current offerings.

Fully mobile responsive.

Supports caching of the menu, so menu items are not loaded on each call.